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The human body is designed to heal, self regulate, and function properly when there is no interference. Our job is to check everyone that comes into our office for the cause of WHY the body isn’t functioning properly, and help it heal from the inside out.

Our Mission

Restore Family Chiropractic is here to help every man, woman, and child experience life to the fullest.  We aim to give, love, and serve to the best our abilities everyday. Chiropractic has changed our life, and we want to be able to give that same gift to everyone that walks in our office.

Dr. Zach Fish

Chiropractor in Ozark

Dr. Zach was born and raised in Ozark, MO.  One of his main passions is helping families find healthy solutions to their questions.

Chiropractic helped change his life through a sports injury in high school, which then led to a collegiate scholarship and career in wrestling.  It has also helped change his wife’s life, and even his kids get adjusted!  He is very passionate about delivering gentle, genuine, and caring adjustments to the whole family, from a new born baby or even great grandma. He wants to help raise healthy children to be healthy adults.

He received his doctorate from Logan University in St. Louis, MO.  Upon graduation, he moved his family out to Vancouver, WA for 3 years to practice under one of the state’s most prominent doctors and largest practices.  After his three years in WA, Dr. Zach knew it was time to bring high-quality and genuine chiropractic care back to the Ozarks.

Dr. Zach also takes time to volunteer, whether that’s with his local church, or engaging in the community. His goals are to help encourage people to be their best, chase their dreams, and live life to its fullest. He’s traveled across the globe to take chiropractic to remote parts of Africa, ridden his bicycle 3,500 miles across America (Seattle to New York) to help feed refugees in Burma, and helped teach students in Belize.  Dr. Zach also loves being active! He enjoys cycling, kayaking, traveling, and really anything that is active and adventurous.

Dr. Zach’s life quote is this:
A life lived for others is always an adventure.”

Dr. Zach looks forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals!

Morgan Delloma

Morgan is the Marketing Director and Patient Coordinator at Restore Family
Chiropractic. She was born and raised here in the Ozark area.

Morgan is currently pursuing her Marketing and Business Degree and will finish the
program in the fall of 2023. Morgan also has a background in art and was even able to
have one of her art pieces displayed in The White House. Her love for helping others and
leading them to healthier lives is what brought her to Restore Family Chiropractic.

Outside the office, you can find Morgan at church, hunting, sipping a sweet tea from
McAlister’s, or binging Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Table cooking show.

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